Growth in the middle of the pandemic

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When NSG was relaunched in the beginning of the summer, we were in the middle of the pandemic. However, NSG has been able to grow and gain new business in the situation when normal meetings have not been possible. We spoke to Agency Manager about his first eventful and challenging half a year at the helm of NSG and how he sees the coming winter season.

NSG set up an office in Oxelösund in the summer 2020. What’s your view on the first year and what has been the most challenging?

Since the setup we have seen an big increase in number of port calls under our services and a good response from our customers and the market. We are growing at a fast pace, and in order to handle the demands we have strengthen the team in 2020 and we will continue recruiting during the first half of 2021 as well. It is worth to follow our website and Linkedin for open positions.

The biggest challenges are of course connected to the ongoing pandemic. For example, our on site tasks have been more difficult than before to perform and there is a lot of regional limitations which vary between the ports and have to be taken into account. At the same time the customers demand a high level of service and flexibility.

Has Coronavirus-situation affected the business and the way you work?

We have adapted fairly well and have found new ways of delivering a good service. We are also trying to work remotely as much as possible and minimise visits onboard vessels. It is a pity as many Captains really await agent’s visit onboard and also our agents are really looking forward to when it is possible to visit vessels more regularly.

Which ports NSG has been the most active during the past year?

We have been mainly active in Oxelösund, Norrköping, Åhus and the island of Gotland and we are happy to see an increase in the number of ports where we are active.

What are your views on this winter season and the year ahead?

The winter started good and the market is slightly changing for the better again. Of course we continue to monitor the development of the pandemic and the effects on the market. I’m positive at this stage, however we saw clearly how fast the market changed last spring.

Winter time is always a challenge in regards to weather and wind in this industry, but we will try to keep up the good growth pace and we will work hard to further develop our services. We have a lot of exiting projects that we are looking forward to see starting during this year, and we will continue to improve our service offer towards our existing customers.


For further information, please contact:
Agency Manager Markus Blom
Tel: +46 72 072 69 82

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